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Manus Blackstone

Background: Manus Blackstone was once a mild-mannered young chap by the name of Murphy Black. His father, Manus Black, was killed in his rebellious fight against the MacLir Clan, whom he viewed as fascist over the Del Riota kingdom. Murphy was but 8 years old. On Murphy’s 21st birthday, he encountered a sinister group of sorcerers based in the Other World. Teaching him in their dark arts, Murphy gained the skills needed to wreak havoc and take revenge against the MacLir’s. Changing his name to Manus Blackstone, he has since become by far the most powerful character in all of Del Riotan lore, and his immortal nature has placed him as public enemy number one of Clan MacLir. Lord MacLir has said, “Manus Blackstone is the only man in the Kingdom I fear. I have never encountered a being who possessed more skill.” To this day Manus Blackstone sits in Dustwither Catacombs, waiting for someone to approach in their legendary journey.

Mob Overview
Name Manus Blackstone
Level 28
Stars 3
Location Dustwither Catacombs
Family Manus Black (Father)
Health Immortal
Skills All of them
Gold 0
Drop Quantity 0 - 1
Drop %
Spawn Type
Spawn Time
Spawn %
Associated Spawn
Associated Quest