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Ch bloodstrike walking

Man with full Bloodstrike Armour walking.

The Warden armour is very common for levels between 60 and 90. Also it is a great armour for a cheap price.

How to Obtain []

You must be at least level 60 to start gaining these pieces of armour. Every 5 levels you will unlock the next piece in the chain. Starting from in this order - Gloves - Boots - Helmet - Greaves/Robe - Breastpate/Robe and Weapon

To start go to Stonevale Farm, and talk to the messenger by the mailbox. He will tell you to go to the druids by the Northern Peninsula in Lir's reach. Talk to them to begin. 

Types for each Class
Warrior Bloodstrike Armour
Rogue Moonshadow Armour
Druid Goldsong Robes
Mage Lormantle Robes
Ranger Greythorn Armour

Discs Needed[]

The people will ask for discs. Every piece requires a combination of different ones. Every class needs the same discs for each part. Discs are obtained from otehr players or may be gotten from a drop from bosses such as Chillmist or Fellfire.

Discs Needed
Parts of Armour Disc 1 Disc 2
Gloves 1 Sun Disc 1 Moon Disc
Boots 1 Oak Disc 1 Moon Disc
Helmet 2 Sun Discs 1 Elm Disc
Greaves/Robe 2 Oak Discs 2 Crown Discs
Breastplate/Robe 2 Dragon Discs 2 Elm Discs
Weapon 2 Dragon Discs 2 Crown Discs